About Art by Jess Paint Parties

Who We are
Welcome to the Art by Jess! My name is Jessie Schuler and I'm so happy you are here! I've been an artist and lived in Western New York my entire life. I graduated with a digital art degree in 2004, and since then have many products available to print. In 2019, I decided to pick up my passion for fine art and returned to canvas with the paint brush. I find painting to be theraputic and fun! I look forward to sharing my love for art with you, and hope to see you at one of my paint party events or host your own party so we can paint and have a fun time!
What we do
Here at Art by Jess we are a mother and daughter team, as I am a big believer in teaching my children a good work ethic and sense of community and serving others. You can find my daughter Kenzie and I out and about teaching various classes around the community. From children’s painting classes and parties, to adult classes. You will have a fun night out with friends and others who enjoy art, creating art, socializing with others while doing something relaxing and fun!
Why choose us!
We are very down to earth and we care about YOU! Our painting classes are designed to be FUN art, not FINE art. You'll discover that we provide a relaxed atmosphere and really encourage you to explore your creativity. I'll be teaching instruction and very basic techniques, and walking around to give you one-on-one help with a SMILE! I hope to see you at one of my classes, whether it be canvas, a wood project, or even a ceramic piece, I'm sure you will have a fun time and leave with something you will be super proud of!