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Arabian Horse Canvas Template - Paint your own Horse

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Does your child love to color or paint? Our Arabian Horse canvas is a great way to encourage creativity and artistic fun. This horse design is pre-outlined on the canvas. All that you need to do is color or paint inside the outlined template, and create your own stunning painting! 


  • 8x10 canvas with pre-traced design that is ready to paint! 
  • Your choice of gallery or flat-panel canvas
  • Full color reference photo of finished painting 
  • Packaged in a clear sleeve, perfect for gift giving! 

Paints and brushes are not included, but you can purchase as an add-on if you need them. We include a sample photo of our finished painting, but you can paint these ANY way you wish! Get creative! Don't have paints on hand? Try using markers or colored pencils to finish your design. 


The colors needed to complete the Arabian Horse (as shown) are white, black, green, brown, and yellow. You may also want pink for the nose. Mixing colors, such as red and white to make pink, or green and white to make a lighter green is recommended. We like to outline our finished paintings using a small liner brush and black paint, or simply by using a black paint marker (found at any craft store or buy online at Amazon.)

To paint, we suggest painting the background color in first. We used green mixed with white to make a light green. Next, paint in the horse with brown. The mane and forelock hair of the horse was painted using a mix of 2 parts yellow to 1 part brown, and a little dab of white paint. This mixture makes a golden color that makes up all of the hair on the horse. Next, paint in the nose. Once everything is dry, we used black paint to outline the drawing, fill in the bridle, reins, and add details to the mouth. Once that was dry, we used white paint and a fine tip outline brush to add white highlights to the ear, mane, mouth, chest, and eye. 

We encourage you to create your own art with experimenting with colors! You can change the background, or color the horse and mane a different color. 

Each canvas is an 8x10 size, making this an easy project to complete in about an hour, depending on how many coats of paint are applied, and how detailed you make the artwork. You can even add in clouds, grass, or a barn in the background! 

Our Arabian Horse template on canvas is a fun project for any crafty person who loves to paint horses. We offer bundles, which allow you to purchase multiple canvases and host your own paint party! Our affordable pre-traced canvases make it easy to paint a fun horse painting regardless of age or artist skill level.  


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