Welcome fellow Art Lovers!

Art by Jess features adorable designs that I have created for kids (and adults) of all ages to paint! Each canvas is meticulously drawn and printed with the artwork on the canvas, and arrives ready to paint!

Hi, I'm Jess! I'm the artist and designer of all the designs you see here. I started selling paint kits during COVID, as a way to help kids in my community beat boredom, reduce screen time, and be creative. Since then, I've made over 50 original designs, and I continue to share my love of painting through art.

I hope you enjoy browsing my designs and continue to create art that makes you happy!

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NEW! Name Designs!

Our new personalized Art Kits are created for you at time of order with your child's name! Imagine the fun they will have making their very own painting with their personalized name on the canvas!

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